Charity? If You Have Not Donated Your Car, You Have Not Started


Charity - If You Have Not Donated Your Car, You Have Not StartedCharity? If You Have Not Donated Your Car, You Have Not Started

There are many ways that people who have the means and the wherewithal are called upon to help those who don’t have. The concept of trying to lift a soul and lend a helping hand is one of the things that keep our society going. But many people are yet to realize the morale behind those actions. Now, when you are blessed to be on the smiling and brighter side of the society, you have to appreciate the fact that you are just lucky. You can actually be on the dark side someday. Of course, we have seen celebrities who were swimming in money at some point, only to hit bankruptcy later in life. It even gets to the extent where their children beg for alms. So, the person who is making the most money today may be making the least money tomorrow.

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Car donation to kids is one of those meaningful ways that people who are handy enough can give back to the society. It is a specific way to send out resources used by numerous charity organizations in the world to take care of kids who are suffering from hunger, homelessness, disease, lack of education and other social ills. Anybody can donate his used or new car to this noble cause. Most times, you find out that there are some cars lying unused in your garage. Why not give them out for the good of these kids? You also gain things like tax reduction and free disposal of your car when you make this donation.

When you want to donate your car, all you need to do is to get to any of the websites of these organizations and fill an online form to this effect.  The form will demand for some crucial information about you, the car and your intention for the donation. You can also make the car donation by contacting the charity organizations through phone call. When you make the contact, you will be connected to the organization’s driver and a convenient pick up time will be fixed. Though the drivers have flexible timing and can schedule the pickup within the period you will be around, there is no special need for you to be there when this is done. All you need to do is to make the necessary arrangements and preparations and our drivers will come get the car.

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When we get to your home, we will tow your car to our office. When we get to our office, your car will be sold for parts, sold on auction or used to continue the firms further charily works.

After this, you have to wait for about 4 weeks, after which your tax deductible receipt will be sent to you via mail. With this you can file your taxes. You also get a 3 days 2 nights hotel stay voucher from us.

Donate your car to be a philanthropist today. Do it today!!!!!!

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