Catholic Vatican Pope Calls On Hospital to Respect Parents Desire to Care for Their Sick Child ‘To The End’


Pope Francis has supported Charlie Gard’s folks’ desire to care for their baby boy who is sick, “to the end”, saying he trusts their desires won’t be ignored.

This comes as Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, lost their appeal in court to fly him to the USA for trial treatment. The court requested the life support to be switched off as specialist at the hospital facility stated the treatment was trial and would not be of assistant.

The 10-month-old, who experiences an uncommon genetic condition and has brain damage, has been at the focal point of an extensive legal battle in court that has stood out as truly newsworthy around the globe.

A speech issued by the Vatican on Pope Francis’ behalf read

 “The Holy Father follows with affection and commotion the situation of Charlie Gard, and expresses his own closeness to his parents.
“He prays for them, wishing that their desire to accompany and care for their own child to the end will be respected.”

They uploaded an emotional video a week ago saying they had been told Charlie would die on friday.

They said they had been denied their last wish to be able to take their child home and felt “let down” subsequent to losing their appeal in court.

They later declared that they had been given additional time before Charlie’s life support is turned off.

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