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The movie starts when it’s starts. It doesn’t drag. It doesn’t stretch. The story is intelligent and detective Komolafe (O.C Ukeje) does a brilliant job in making it stay so. When the movie ends you know you’ve seen a MOVIE and for the rest of the day, the movie takes over your thoughts. The unpredictability of the film would blow your mind away. The good thing is this; in being unpredictable, the movie doesn’t mock the intelligence of the viewers. There are moments when you would be at the edge of your seat and if it were a novel, you would want to flip to the last page and relieve yourself of the suspense. It’s whodunit but not a Hollywood wanna be. It is very Nigerian. The characters are relatable and thus the story is truthful.

[JOIN LINJUST ON TELEGRAM!]. is very funny but not slapstick (I heard a reviewer said it was slapstick. is nothing like Osofia in London). And when I say funny, I don’t mean smiling at the ‘wit-ness’ of a character- you get it all through the movie. I mean throwing your head back and laughing your lungs out; Ireti (Wofai Fada) and the jilted lover (Omawunmi Dada) made sure of it.

Work went into ‘making’ the characters. Detective Komolafe isn’t a stereotype detective. He likes his native atire and loves his cigarette. John (Tope Tedela) reminds us that good people aren’t perfect. The use of pidgin English from time to time adds to making the characters believable.

I don’t know much about the technicalities of a movie, what I do know is that is that I could hear everything and my eyes loved the pictures. And I loved the music!! The director was detailed; the champagne bottles in the hotel room; the photographs in the office. I loved the way the cues were shown. They were not obvious.

What I disliked: The movie was too beautiful for me to notice any dislikes
Favourite scene: The murder scene
Favourite line: “wow, which kind big man house be this way no even get door bell”
Favourite characters: Detective Komolafe and Abbey’s colleague (Blossom Chukwujekwu)

Kudos to Walt Banger (The director) and ofcourse, O.C Ukeje. was well executed!!!

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