What Brymo told a fan who begged for school fees will shock you?


What Brymo told a fan who begged for school fees will shock you?


Brymo is trending on social media for a controversial comment to a fan on tweeter. In the days when the educational system is crumbling and youths are having more and more distractions to take them away from getting a university degree, Brymo is busy adding to the existing reasons. Now some fans will be like, ‘who school epp? e no epp Brymo and d guy still make am.’ A fan last night asked for financial assistance with his tuition fees and Brymo told him to quit school. An awkward reply if you ask me but do he have a point? Read how it started and some of the response Brymo have generated since last night.



Sometimes I think about life, where I have come from, my failures and triumphs.. Its all a lesson, that i must unlearn and then learn again.

Dropping out helped me find myself,it is why I am one of Nigeria’s finest musicians of all time today.I can advice you to leave school.

This is why there are so many schooled people and very few educated ones.Misplaced priorities is why society is struggling,we are pretending

At least I learnt a new word today “advise” , thanks. But school is not for everyone, some of us must provide the content of your textbooks.

About this dropping out issue. Is it because it’s Brymo? I’m sure many a successful drop out has said “follow your dreams” and was applauded

Imagine someone asking Bill Gates for dough & he gave that Brymo’s response, y’all gon come on here & tweet ‘Gbam’ ‘Word’ but its Brymo uno

Why are people mad at what Brymo said though ? (thats his opinion) I mean, you not gonna eat sh*t because someone asked you to, are you ?

I don’t blame Brymo for his reply, he was only being real. To him? School isn’t for everybody, to you? School is? Respect others opinion pls

Criticize BrymO for dropping out of school.

Applaud Kanye West for doing the same thing.

👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 mental slavery has never been so apt.

That you can’t relate to brymo’s music doesn’t mean you should say rubbish about it. Please Brymo is a boss.


I don’t see anything wrong in what Brymo said, why take it personal?

It’s Like That Brymo Doesn’t Have Any Sense.

Hardly a surprise. Brymo advising fan to drop out of school is same artiste who didn’t understand his recording contract?

Brymo is talented..maybe the issues surrounding his career would have been managed better if he was educated

Just saying

Brymo does make beautiful music and it’s hard to draw the line between arrogance and confidence when it’s praises everywhere for you.

If it were WizKid advising mandem to drop out, it’ll be reasonable but Brymo?

I’ll get to Professor emeritus
Thanks for your advise😂

I admire Brymo’s music but such advice to a student is very wrong. Dropping out of school doesn’t even work for everyone, ask ur Mechanic.

With what Brymo said, I think we all now know the effect of been drop out, it has shown with his response,effect of not completing it edu

maybe this whole thing is just a means to get Brymo back on the entertainment radar…am not buying it

Tiger was on its own sleeping and Brymo didn’t go and touch its tail. He bit it.

Brymo sef no try… pls go to sch oh or you’ll end up working for the avengers😂(Niger Delta one’s)

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This guy is just full of shit…