Britney Spears Enjoys Late-Night Romantic Dinner Date With Boyfriend Sam Asghari


Britney Spears Enjoys Late-Night Romantic Dinner Date With Boyfriend Sam Asghari

Britney’s bustin’ out! The usually reclusive singer has been out on the town with boyfriend Sam Asghari the past few days, shopping on Friday and going out to a late-night dinner date with Sam on Saturday. What’s changed? Why so public as of late?


The pair were out on a romantic date last night at Lure Fish House in Woodland Hills, staying until about 10pm — something that was previously unheard of for Brit. The pair left holding hands, Britney in a cropped denim jacket and red boots and Sam looking confident and in control.

We wonder if all Brit’s conservatorship challenges aren’t mixing things up a bit — she’s fighting for more extensive control over her personal life as her mom Lynne comes out saying her daughter’s not ready for it, given her current mental state. But is Britney okay???

We all remember her late-night outings back in the day of another Sam — Sam Lutfi. The pink wig-wearing, British accent-speaking Brit was a really mess back in late 2007, early 2008 but a stint in treatment and a wide-ranging conservatorship seemed to keep her on track the past decade — even leading her to revive her career with a Las Vegas residency. But as longtime manager Larry Rudolph says his most famous client may never perform again and then Britney seemingly countering that, what’s the truth here? Is this all just the “freeing of Britney?” Or is she headed for trouble again?

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