Book Up Your Life


Book Up Your Life

A book is a treasure chest! Although we can learn in many ways, books are among the top effective and efficient means of acquiring knowledge. A true reader has the power to remake himself/herself, better the ways in which he lives, to make his life healthy, happy and totally fulfilled.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Readers are leaders. Don’t just read to kill time but read to gain in-depth knowledge. Read to lead! Read to give your mind a chance to luxuriate in colorful sagacities. Books give you a shot in the arm to break your limits.


Books are for reading not for decoration. From the leaves of a book you can turn a new leaf. Books make a person. Book power helps you overcome the past, change your situations, surmount obstacles and make better decisions. The reading of books open up world of timeless information’s and greater possibilities. In reading a work of genius, you discover your own forgotten/neglected genius. A book is not only a friend, it make friends for you.

A book is a living voice one should listen to. Reading supplies mental bread for your imagination to feed on and bone for your imagination to chew. It is mainly through books that we commune with great minds. In good books, immortals talk to us, bless us with their priceless wisdom, and influence takes place.

The ability to read and understand can open any door you chose to go through. Reading is not always easy, not always fun or appealing, but is very needful. When you gain insight from a book, you are enriched but when you impact the knowledge to others you are enriched three fold. If you commit yourself to reading books, increasing your knowledge, you become unlimited.

A book is a great gift you can give to anyone. I thank God for books and souls who sacrifice to birth them. Books are powerful source of motivation and self improvement.

© Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, an illustrious young Nigerian transformational leader, avid reader, writer, book reviewer, ghostwriter, published author, writing consultant and Chief Inspiration Officer of Hinovelty – a human capacity development organization.
Photo Credit: Elisha Mamman

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