3 Things To Do If You Are Broke


Are you broke? Are you short of money and you do not know what to do next? You do not need to stress yourself because in this article, I will be tutoring you on what to do if one is broke.  Like my previous article which talked about how to make money in 24 hours, this one is totally different but still has its base on what to do if one is broke.

Being broke simply means not having money or not being able to meet up with ends meet. Being broke is not a good thing especially if you are in a country that unemployment is the order of the day. That is why I have taken time to tutor you on what to do if one is broke. There are different things you can engage in if you are broke and I will be listing them below.


  1. Keep Cool/ Avoid desperation

I have been in the shoes of a broke person during my years in secondary school and I was really desperate to make money, but I failed to realize and take note that the first thing to tackle the problem of  “What to do if one is broke” is to keep cool. Desperation is a hindrance to success if you do not know, it deprives you the chance to think on how you can move yourself forward and make money.

The first thing you should do if you are broke is to keep cool and take your time in your journey of overcoming the fact that you are broke. Keeping cool solves about a quarter of the problem of what to do if one is broke.


  1. Seek For Help/Assistance

The next thing to do if you are broke is to look for financial assistance either to start up a self owned business or to fix the problem you are currently having. If you are broke, you can opt for the option of seeking for help from your friends or from family members who deem it possible to cater for and see you rise up to your feet.



  1. Look For Menial Jobs

Since being broke is not a permanent thing, it is very much advisable that you look for menial jobs around your locality and do in order to rack up some cash to solve your daily needs. If you keep on waiting for the best jobs to locate you, I bet you that you would be wasting your time. Menial jobs are very much around and I suggest that you apply for one if you are broke and you need money.


I am particularly concerned about the menial job point because It has come to my notice that even the desperate ones looking for money now differentiate between jobs and do the ones they feel is more profitable, as they term it “white collar jobs”. I urge those who are broke and are looking for what to do to shun away from that low mentality and live up to what life offers them.



The issue of what to do if one is broke can only be solved by you as an individual, so I am urging you today to stand up and change your bad image of being broke to a good image of having money. What to do if one is broke can also be solved if you read and digest the above article and not forgetting to put it into practice. Being broke is only temporarily but it takes a determined and strong heart to achieve success by making money.

Stay glued to this blog because in my next post, I will talking about the list of jobs you can do as a student and make money from to cater for yourself during your school life. Do not forget to drop a comment and any form of complaint in order to get assistance.

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