Is It Better To Sell Or Donate Your Car To Charity In California?


Donate Your Car To Charity In CaliforniaIs It Better To Sell Or Donate Your Car To Charity In California?

In the developed world, especially the USA and Canada, it is a common practice to donate a car to charity. The state of California is actually one of the states that have laws that enable people to donate cars, vans, trucks, RVs and boats to charity organs. Because of this law, it is very easy for you to see many websites and businesses that are dedicated to receiving such car donations. The adverts will have headlines like, “donate your car and enjoy a fast, free and easy pick up”. Many of the firms will go further to tell you that there will be no paper work hassle when you make these car donations through them.

The principal practice is that most of the nonprofit organs in the California area will be ready to accept any cash donation that helps them in funding their new and existing programs that are geared towards an increase in community awareness and other local events. Most of these firms and websites are into the practice of receiving the donations and ensuring that they get to the non profits.


Now, there are many controversies that are involved in the car donation through these agencies. On the website of these agencies, you will read statements that 70% of the proceeds from your car sales will go to the non profits. This is one area some of the people are not happy with. They ask, “Why must 30 percent go to the websites that are in the service of receiving the cars?

On another angel, people get skeptical of even the purported 70% of the proceeds from the car sales getting to the non profits.

However, the first question asked by people when they are urged to make such car donations is what they will gain when they make such donations.  Now, when you make such donations in the state of California, you will have the profit of your taxable income being reduced.  Because of the fact that your car can be donated whether it is running or not, so far as it has an engine and is towable, it is another great way to get rid of your old cars. For instance, it will help you to avoid the costs that are incurred in the process of selling your car. The cost of advertising for the car, the loss of privacy that is encountered in change of ownership and other security risks are also eliminated.

On another level, issues like insurance payments, vehicle registration and the repairs you will need to affect so as to keep the car in good condition before sales are all eliminated. This is obviously a better option. Don’t you think so?

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