The Benefits of Structured Annuity Settlement


The Benefits of Structured Annuity SettlementThe Benefits of Structured Annuity Settlement

The truth about justice is that it has many faces. Getting justice against others in the law court happen only when those you want to get justice against are arrogant about it. This is why people get lesser punishments when they plead guilty in court.  This is also the reason why most of the accident cases or cases of personal injury do not get to trial.  Most of the parties involved always opt to have an out of court settlement. The settlement that happen in these cases will always involve the defendant paying some amount of money to the plaintiff and the plaintiff withdrawing the lawsuit. This settlement can be the lump sum one off payment or a structured payment that will last for a period of time.


The structured annuity payment allows the plaintiff to have regular periodic payments from the defendant over some years or even throughout the plaintiff’s lifetime. So, if the plaintiff suffers a serious or permanent injury, an annuity policy will be funded by the defendant’s insurer and it will be very helpful. Within the time of the structured payment, a stream of income is guaranteed.


  • This comes with a good amount of tax benefit to the plaintiff, because such injury payments are tax free under the tax code of the US. However, in some cases like interests coming to the settlement and award of punitive damages, taxes may be paid.
  • It makes you to have the hope of some amount of certain payments over a period of time. This is against the lump sum payment that may be mismanaged as it comes.
  • In most cases, the annuities are structured to cover the specific demands of the plaintiff for the future and in time of contingencies.
  • The annuities are under the protection of the insurance laws of some states, and this is a guarantee that the insurer must fulfill his obligations.
  • In some cases, the structured payments are even combined with the lump sum payments to take care of medical bills, costs of rehabilitation, immediate expenses and repayment of debts.
  • This can be structured for advances in medicine that are not anticipated. A miracle cure is taken care of by this when it is developed.
  • When parties are far apart in negotiations, this brings them closer.

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