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BBNaija: “Tboss is the ‘winner’ of Big Brother, her arrogance is attractive” – Lagos socialite, Dokun Olumofin


BBNaija: “Tboss is the ‘winner’ of Big Brother, her arrogance is attractive” – Lagos socialite, Dokun Olumofin

BBNaija: “Tboss is the ‘winner’ of Big Brother, her arrogance is attractive” – Lagos socialite, Dokun Olumofin

Controversial Lagos socialite, Dokun Olumofin has weighed in on the just concluded reality show, saying TBoss who is the most talked about housemate is the ‘winner’ of Big brother Naija.

He gave his reasons in the controversial article below…

“10 Major Reasons Tboss is the ‘winner’ of Big Brother:

1. Tboss brought controversy, comedy and drama to the house. Her personality, body language and verbal antics made the house interesting.

2. She knows how to stir up the polity. Her popular statement that ‘ Private Jet Owners and the likes are at her beck and call’ made the passionate followers of BBNaija and viewers to crucify her. I believe that was the reaction she wanted.

3. Her arrogance is attractive. As a man who has studied and lived with a couple of women in my life, I can categorically state that Tboss knows how to attract men.

4. She is extremely pretty and confident.

5. Last man standing : despite her arrogance and uncouth statements in the house she made it to the last set of house mates. This deserves some credit.

6. She is not a hypocrite : loads of women in our generation are exactly like Tboss or worse or pretentious women to the throne but know how to play the chameleon under the green grass. Tboss has the “take me how I am” personality and this makes her different from other women. We see women who act like wives but are snakes in human skin. She is not one of those. She is the “I am a bad girl, take me like you found me” sort of babe.

7. She gained more ‘fame’ than the winner Efe. If Tboss has a good PR team she can make more than the 25Million Naira she contested to win. All she needs is to write calculated proposals to organisations who may want her brand to project their name.

Conclusion: as much as people have crucified Tboss as a looser, in my opinion I think she is winner of the contest. She gained ALOT than she went into the house .”

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