Baby is rescued after being buried alive


Baby is rescued after being buried alive

A newborn baby has been rescued after being abandoned and buried alive in a disused septic tank in West Java, Indonesia. Locals had heard the baby’s cries from under pieces of wood, rocks, leaves and mesh in the old tank, which villagers had been using as a wastage dump.


Video from the miraculous rescue, shows the rubble being removed to uncover the tiny baby. The baby boy was rushed to hospital where he is recovering after being found in the village of Gantar in the Indramayu district of the region.

One villager said: ‘There were tears. I along with other residents went into grounds of the empty house and it is true, there was a baby without any shawls or clothes.’ The baby had suffered a cut to his head while the rotting placenta was found nearby.

Police arrived at the scene and searched the house but there was nobody inside. It is not known if the owners are linked to the abandoned baby. Officers are now investigating who the child belongs to. DNA tests will be conducted on the baby to try to trace the parents.

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