As We Mourn Afeni Shakur


As We Mourn Afeni Shakur

Afeni Shakur in Retrospect

I can bet my loads that many people who know about Tupac Amaru Shakur, the man that did wonders in the rap world within the few years of his earthly sojourn do not know that her mother still lived 3 days ago. Afeni Shakur, the woman who gave the world its greatest poet, one of the greatest philosophers and the greatest wrapper of all times died at the age of 69.

History has it that Afeni was born Alice Faye Williams on the 10th of January 1947. She is the woman who has loads of strength oozing out from her. As a business woman, she got married to her first husband Billy Garland, who abandoned her and Tupac at the age of 5. This led her to become a single mother amidst strife, poverty, segregation and racism.

Highlights of her life include the fact that she is one of the forerunners of the Black Panther Party. This is a party of black women, formed to fight against operation from the American society. But because of the activities of the Black Panther Movement in one of their programs, she was arrested and charged to court for violence. At this time, she was pregnant with Tupac. However, she was to do the unthinkable in court by standing as a criminal defense attorney for herself. She later won the case and was acquitted of all charges of violence and bombings leveled against her.

Afeni later remarried Mr. Shakur, who became Tupac’s step father and with whom she had another daughter named Sekyiwa Shakur.


After the death of Tupac, she turned a philanthropist and the manger of Tupac’s estates. She founded the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation with the money realized from his posthumous album sales, and the foundation is into the provision of different art programs to young people. She also founded the Amaru Entertainment, which is a holding company for all the unreleased materials from Tupac.

Her sprit was so strong that she filed a court case against the Death Row Records in 2007. The injunction was that they should not sell any of the unreleased materials from Tupac. She won this case when the company couldn’t prove that these materials were not part of the bankruptcy settlement it received.  She got 150 unreleased materials from Death Row upon winning the case, and with this, she established the Amaru Records from where she releases these materials.

She was reported dead around 10:28 PM on May 2nd 2016. Rest on Black Queen Mother.

Afeni Shakur and Tupac Amaru Shakur

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Mr Talkless
Mr Talkless

What a big lost…! may her soul rest in perfect peace.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

What a great woman…