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Armed Robbers Invade Hospital In Edo State, Rape Patients


Armed Robbers Invade Hospital In Edo State, Rape Patients

Armed Robbers Invade Hospital In Edo State, Rape Patients

Patients of a hospital in Edo State claim they have been sexually abused not by persons that work in the hospital but by armed robbers who had a field day raping them.

Armed robbers have invaded the Edo Central Hospital in Benin, casting aspersion on how safe hospitals are.

It was gathered that the robbers allegedly raped patients and female workers before carting away their belongings including cash, GSM handsets and other valuables.

Patients never saw it coming, as no one could imagine robbers will have a hospital in their list of targets.

They were taking aback when the robbers, fully armed, stormed the hospital around 1:00 a.m. on Sunday and operated freely for hours.

The robbers, who were many, on arrival and ordered the people around, including medical personnel to lie face down before executing their mission.

Sunday’s incident forced patients in the hospital and their caregivers to stage a protest on Tuesday.

They protested around the hospital premises, appealed to the management of the institution to put in place security measures to ensure the safety of their life and property.

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