Are E-Money And Kcee Fraudsters? Get The Scoop!


Are E-Money And Kcee Fraudsters? Get The Scoop!

E-Money’s brother Kcee, says life was very tough while growing up but they never considered going into any fraudulent act or business.

The ”Limpopo” croon­er explains why he likes to flaunt his wealth on social media in a chat with Sat­ur­day Beats. He also admit­ted that the same is that of E-Mon­ey and their weak­ness is show­ing off. Kcee says, life wasn’t all that rosy from the begin­ning and they had it real bad before for­tune smiled on them but they were never fraudsters.

He also rebuked those say­ing his broth­er E-Mon­ey is into ille­gal busi­ness, say­ing they are from a Chris­t­ian home and all they do it LEGAL!

He said “I left Aje­gun­le because we were unable to pay our house rent and the land­lord threw us and our prop­er­ty out of the house. I was wear­ing only my box­ers when the land­lord threw us out of the house because we could not pay N70,000 for a three-bed­roomed flat. My father start­ed squat­ting with some peo­ple while my moth­er went to her sister’s house”.

“My broth­er and I had to hus­tle. By then, we had won Star Quest so we had a rick­ety car, so we slept in the car. At the time they stole our car, things were tough because all our prop­er­ty was in the car. We were liv­ing from hotel to hotel and all we had was in the car. Some­times we owed the hotels a lot of mon­ey which we paid after we had a show”.

To get shows then was even very hec­tic for Presh and I but we still believed that God would help us. By then, E-Mon­ey had to move on to learn how to be a freight agent. He lat­er found his feet.


“Leav­ing Aje­gun­le was divine because I believe God sent the man to kick us out. After we left Aje­gun­le, we stayed in a room apart­ment in Ojo­du before we got a place in Omole. After a while, E-Mon­ey start­ed doing well and we bought a duplex in Omole, then he bought a piece of land and con­tin­ued buy­ing and the rest is his­to­ry. The same thing with me; we grew up grad­u­al­ly and there was no time we were greedy to go into crime or defraud anyone,”

Because of their flashy lifestyle, many peo­ple have spec­u­lat­ed that Kcee and most espe­cial­ly his broth­er, E-Mon­ey, may be into an ille­gal business.

Com­ment­ing on such remarks, Kcee said that they had been hear­ing that for about 17 years and opened up to the source of his brother’s wealth.

“My broth­er is not into drugs or any­thing ille­gal. We are from a Chris­t­ian home and we are very care­ful with our lifestyle and what we do. Our only weak­ness is that we show off. We like the good life. My broth­er is a hard worker.

For about 17 years, peo­ple have been say­ing that we do drugs or 419 but why have we nev­er been caught? Why haven’t we made a mis­take? Why hasn’t some­one come to expose us? When we had issues with some of our team mem­bers that left recent­ly, a lot of peo­ple were wait­ing to hear that we were into ille­gal­i­ty but they did not say that. My broth­er is a hard work­er who is into clear­ing and for­ward­ing, oil busi­ness, real estate, etc. He start­ed from the scratch. He used to be my man­ag­er when I was with Presh but he left to start his own busi­ness. It is just the grace of God.

When I was play­ing foot­ball, I was doing very well. I start­ed with foot­ball and the first time I trav­eled out of this coun­try, it was through foot­ball. I nev­er saw music com­ing and it was some­thing I did by the side. My broth­er and I laugh when­ev­er peo­ple make state­ment like that. He does not do any­thing neg­a­tive. If not, peo­ple would have come out to expose it. I am sor­ry but no one can make us change our lifestyle because it is in our DNA,” he said.

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