Amazon CEO “Jeff Bezos” Takes Over Bill Gates To Be The Richest Man In The World


Amazon CEO “Jeff Bezos” Takes Over Bill Gates To Be The Richest Man In The World

According to Forbes, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has now surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s richest person. Blomberg reports that a surge in amazon’s stock has helped propel Bezos to the top of rich list, ahead of the company’s earnings reports later today.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has held the top spot since 2013, and if Amazon’s stock price holdsafter the close of the bell then Bezos will remain top. At the close of markets on Wednesday, Bill Gates held a fortune of $90 billion, and Bezos was a close second with $89 billion. The rise in Amazon stocksthis morning has pushed Bezos above the $90 billion mark, thanks to an increase of around$15 per share and Microsoft’s stock slipping slightly.

Bezos is now the sixth man to hold the richest person title over the past 30 years, after originally entering the billionaire list around 20 years ago. Bezos’ rise demonstrates just how formidable Amazon has grown to become.

Founded in 1994, Amazon has reshaped the world of retail in the US and in many other countries after originally launching as an internet book store. While retail stores are still struggling to respond, Amazon is also pushing ahead with its popular Amazon Web Services and its Alexa digital assistant. Investors are expecting revenue to jump by up to 22 percent year poverty ear when the company reveals its earnings later today, showing there’s continued confidence in Amazon’s popular businesses.

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