Ali Baba explains why ladies remain in broken relationships and the way out


Ace comedian Ali Baba ,have been dropping for free his wealth of experience to his fans.  A couple of days he wrote about how he was taught to make and repair shoes by an ex Biafran soldier. How it was important to create jobs for yourself rather than wait for the government. Today he is sharing on the reasons he feels people remain in broken relationships. Why it is wrong to allow your husband clip your wings by telling you not to work after you get married to him. It’s a very educative piece. Read below:


The reason some people can never be on their own is because they do not have wings. So you can not even be the winds beneath their wings. They are flightless.

You must tell them where to fly to and how to fly there, then give them wings too. If that branch they perch on breaks… Kperen! They are going down. And anything they hold on to goes down with them.

It’s the same way, a man who is drowning has nothing to keep them afloat BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT SWIM. Learn to grow wings. Learn to swim. Learn to be self reliant. Learn to fly. Be INDEPENDENT.


Let me tell you why some people remain in abusive relationships. The absence of wings. Not love. They are just wingless. That is the same reason, you see some people working with some foreign companies, and are being treated like second class citizens in their own country, yet they can’t walk away from that job, because that job is the only wings they can fly with in these winds of change.

Some days ago, a young friend of mine quit her job to face her passion for serving sweets and deserts at events. Wings. The branch of the tree, doesn’t even need to break before you fly.

How many times have you been let go in an organization and you move on and your potentials make you a better talent, that you get head hunted again with higher pay and better package than those you left there. Cc #Pogba… Or a lady leaves you and you begin to drown in your self pity because, without her you are nothing.

Grow wings man!!!

Don’t let people meet you the way they left you. Upgrade. Stop being a non flying bird. Think of it, what is it that you have that can make you pick up from the biggest crash and climb again? If you don’t have any, that is when you sink with every challenge or when you are abandoned in the oceans of helplessness.

Grow wings girlfriend. Don’t let any man clip your wings. Like those men who say you can not work if they marry you. That’s clipping your wings. What did you spend years getting your wings for?

C’mon people take flight!

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