I Was Abused In My Last Relationship – Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo cries out


I Was Abused In My Last Relationship – Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo cries out

Actress Uche Ogbodo, has opened up on what she wants in a man.

Speaking with The Sun, Uche, talked about her love life, career, gender equality and more.

Read excerpts from her interview:

What do you think about gender equality?


I think gender equality is good. As human beings, I really don’t think there should be a difference, and that a particular gender should feel superior to the other. There is no difference between you and the other person; the only difference is sex. So, everyone should be treated equally, because women also work as hard as men. I don’t understand why women are not equal to men. Right now, I am doing bigger and harder stuff than the man next to me.

As a woman, I want to be successful, so I put in extra effort in what I do. I don’t understand why someone will try to embarrass or harass me because of my sex, telling me that I am a woman and I shouldn’t do this or that. I am a woman and I believe in gender equality.

Are you giving love another chance?

No. I don’t even know what love is. I don’t even know if love is real. I can feel it but I don’t know if it is real.

Are you saying you are done with love?

I’m better now. Believe me, I’m at a better place than I was some years ago. I was numb for a long time but I am healing gradually. I am not fully healed, but I’m healing because the experience was bad. I’m not somebody that talks too much about my downfalls and failures. But right now, I’m scared; I’m very scared.

Was there an abuse in the relationship?

You know, I wasn’t married. I was just engaged but the media attacked me as a married woman. But in the relationship I had there was no abuse. Well, there would have been abuse because there are different kinds of abuse like I do say, but it doesn’t have to be physical. If I am allowed to say that lying and deceit are a form of abuse then I will tag it psychological abuse. He was messing with my head; all the depression that came with it makes it an abuse. So yes, I think he was probably abusive because I wasn’t concentrating, I didn’t know what I was doing.

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