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Abuja Blast Survivors tell their story


Abuja Blast Survivors tell their story

After the Bomb blast at Emab
plaza,Abuja which claimed 22 lives and left 50 others injured, some of
the survivors have narrated their close shave with death to Vanguard

A taxi driver, who identified himself as Malachy Odo, said he was
caught up in the midst of the ravaging fire after the bomb exploded at
the car park of Emab Plaza.

He said:

 “I had arrived at the plaza in my
cab minutes earlier. After the last passenger alighted from the cab, I
was reversing when I heard the explosion. My car went up in flames, and I
struggled to pass through the window and in the process my left hand
caught fire.  As I was running for my dear life, broken glasses pierced
my feet. I was later rushed by rescuers to Maitama General Hospital.”

Mrs Mary Andrew, said she was lying on the ground beside her
groundnut tray, while waiting for buyers at the entrance of Emab Plaza,
when the blast occurred.

“I was lying down when the bomb
exploded, and my baby was also with me. After the blast, I discovered
that three of my fellow groundnut sellers were dead. I was very lucky, I
was not hurt, and I thank God for saving my life.”

Samuel Olasupo, who sells and repairs mobile phones at Emab plaza had this to say:

“I was about to take step out of my
shop to the gate to buy corn, when the bomb exploded. I was thrown to
the floor and my body was pierced by pieces of glass. When I recovered
from the impact of the blast, I gave glory to God.” 

Daniel Itodo said he was still searching for his cousin, 24-year-old
Bassey Bassey, who hails from Cross River State. Bassey, who was said to
be the first child of his parents was working with a pharmaceutical
shop at the plaza.

“I was at home when I heard about the
bomb blast at Wuse II, and I remembered that my cousin, Bassey  Bassey
was at the shopping plaza. I rushed to the pharmacy where  he was
working at Emab plaza, near Banex. I was told that about three minutes
before the bomb blast, my cousin left with a customer that came to the
pharmacy to  buy some drugs. Since then his phone has been switched off
and he is nowhere to be found. I have gone to University of Abuja
Teaching Hospital and National Hospital, where I saw health officials
attending to some injured people brought to them, and I learnt four
persons were in the intensive care unit.  But I was not allowed to have
access to them. I went to Garki Hospital and I could not see him there.I
went to Maitama General Hospital where I  saw up to 10 dead bodies.
Four could not be identified because the bodies were charred. One of the
bodies was without a head, with intestines packed on one side.The
parents are yet to be informed because we have not seen him dead or
alive. We are still searching for him. I will meet with the manager of
the pharmacy to know whether the customer was alive or both of them died
and for the management of the pharmacy to tell us the exact story about
our brother’s whereabouts.

Joseph Okonkwo. Okonkwo who said he is a journalist said his office
was located at Emab Plaza. He said he writes for Legis Magazine based in

Said he:

“As I was  entering Emab Plaza,
yesterday (Wednesday), I  walked past a particular shop I normally go to
which is close to the gate. I later saw the person I went to visit and
discussed with him after which I suddenly heard a big bang. A lot of
things flew into the air. I saw a lot of smoke.I began to run and  when I
was about to jump a fence, I  saw some people  whose skin had been
peeled by the heat generated by the blast. They were trying to jump too.
Everybody ran to the back side because the explosion occurred at the
gate.  Some people who were close to me were affected by the blast. The
impact of the blast is still disturbing me. I was psychologically
affected but physically okay.”

The bomber bought newspaper from me – Michael Ojeh told Punch…

Nineteen -year-old Ojeh said the bomber first bought a newspaper from
him and asked irrelevant questions before leaving to enter his vehicle.

“One man wearing caftan came to buy a
newspaper from me and was asking me irrelevant questions. Even when I
wanted to give him his change, he wasn’t ready to collect it. He kept
asking me irrelevant questions. If I answer him, he would laugh and ask
another question. Afterwards, he left and entered his vehicle close to
the exit gate of the plaza. It was not long after he left that  there
was an explosion and I saw myself on the road before the police came .”

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