7 List Of Jobs A Student Can Do And Make Money From


Are you a student in any secondary school or University? Do you want to have your own source of income and stop depending on your parents for money? Then I urge you to relax and read this article on the list of jobs a student can do and make money from. Often in our generation, students depend solely on their parents for money in order to solve any hitch in school be it food, books and departmental fees.

I believe that all those small fees can be solved by the student only if they read on the list of jobs a student can do and make money from which I will be writing on.

The interesting factor as to the list of jobs a student can do and make money from is that, the jobs I would listing out will not take a toll of time from your academic activities and will just be something you can do during your leisure time and make money from to take adequate care of your time in school.

The list of jobs a student can do and make money from includes:

  1. Data Reselling

Yes, selling of data is a very good source of making money from while you are a student. You would even strive in this business because of the high number of friends you have. What you are to do is to purchase data from any mobile network like MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and resell to your friends at a lower cost and make little gains which you can use to take care of yourself during your time in school.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is another form of job which you can do as a student to make money. Blogging requires you to have a website and post contents there and also have any advertising agency in order to make money from through high traffic. If you are passionate about blogging and you are a student, I will urge you to try it out today and be sure you would make a fortune from those advertising agency.


  1. Photography

You can also make money as a student when you become a photographer in your school. Majority of people love taking pictures and you can take advantage of that by taking pictures of them and selling to them in order for you to make money. You can also organize photo shoot session for students looking to take one because there is a lot of money associated with photo shoot.


  1. Do Assignments For The Lazy Students

You can also make money while being a student when you do the assignments for people who are lazy and are not able to do their assignments. The lazy ones would pay you high amount of money in order for you to do their assignments, and that is why it is best that you take advantage of that and make cool cash from the desperate ones.


  1. Organizing Tutorial Classes

Away from the lectures you and your classmates receive in class, for those of them who do not understand what their lecturers taught them in school, you can organize tutorial classes for them and they would pay you for teaching them what they did not understand while In class.

Students often compete to do this while in school, so for you to succeed in this, you must be extremely smart and as well intelligent so they will rush towards you for you to teach them.


  1. Repairing Of Phones And Gadgets

Repairing of phones and other gadgets might take time but it is very profitable for a student to do while in school. Phones belonging to your friends are prone to get damaged and they would pay you for you to repair their phones because they know you. So if you have the knowledge and capabilities of repairing phones, it is best you turn your attention to it.


  1. Selling Of Recharge Cards

Students in campus cannot live without recharging their phones with credit in order to call their friends and family members and this has become a very profitable business for students around. This business does not require you to have any special knowledge. What you are to do s just to attract many people around especially students and inform them that you sell recharge card and be sure that they would patronize you on a daily basis.


The list of jobs a student can do and make money from are carefully listed above, and it requires a determined and passionate being to be able to do them in order for them to make money from to take care of their daily school struggles and needs.

Therefore, it is best that out of the list of jobs a student can do and make money from, at least one should be practiced by a student depending on their area of interest. Do not forget to drop your comment if you are a student or aspiring student.

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