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64-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby


64-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby

64-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby

A Chinese woman was so devastated by the death of her only child she decided to have another baby at the age of 64. The mother, who remains unidentified, gave birth to a healthy son weighing 3.7kg (8.2 pounds) yesterday through a C-section in Jilin Province, north-east China.

The pensioner conceived through IVF, but doctors could not reveal whether or not she had used her own embryo in the process due to privacy reasons.

The woman gave birth in the morning of December 28. She is reported to be the oldest mother in China.

She had only had one child when she was young due to China’s family-planning policy.When her only child died, she became heart-broken and was determined to try for another one, according to Huanqiu’s report.

The pensioner, who went through the menopause about 10 years ago, had endured a risky pregnancy. Because she had stopped ovulating for such a long time, her womb had shrunk and had to be stimulated by hormones to enable the pregnancy.

In addition, the woman suffered bleeding at 30 weeks pregnant. To ensure a smooth delivery, she had checked into the hospital one week before her due date so that the doctors could find the best opportunity to perform the C-section.

Her husband, appearing to be the same age as the woman, as well as her two sisters, accompanied her at the hospital.The woman is in good condition, according to the doctors.

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Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Worth celebrating!

Matthias Nkuda
Matthias Nkuda

This defies the medical condition called menopause. Cheers.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

Wow that’s goodnews, congratulations to her…

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