6 Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Newspaper Journalist


Newspaper journalism used to be the most dominant mode of news until online news came into being. New study reveals 35% of people in the journalism industry are newspaper journalists.

Newspaper journalism is an important form of communication in the current world. In depth stories and investigative reporting form integral parts of newspaper journalism. Whether a reporter is covering a controversial school consolidation, writing on a scandal at city hall or a feel good story concerning a heroic dog, it is important that the reporter has certain qualities to help them stay on top of the industry. Here are six qualities you need to look out for when hiring a newspaper journalist.


It does not matter how good a writer is without integrity. Once a news journalist is caught twisting facts or plagiarizing, they will never be considered as a credible journalist. Integrity covers a lot and not just about plagiarizing or twisting facts, it means being committed at all times in uncovering the truth despite the difficulties and challenges involved and ensuring the report is fair and done in a respectful manner.

1. Industrious

It is important that any newspaper reporter performs a thorough background research before he or she interviews any source. An industrious reporter can get Nigeria entertainment news today from print articles, online from reputable websites and other reporters.

They come up with questions and always confirms with the subject to ensure they are correct and of same theme. They do seek audience with other people to help them clarify and validate what the other sources have said; makes follow up in case of any contradictions.


2. Observant

A great newspaper journalist should be observant. A great journalist should be capable of noticing details that gives richness to a particular story, the type of expressions on subject faces, the type of clothes they are wearing or the music being played on the background. An observant journalist should be capable of noticing the amount of traffic at the neighbourhood, the various types of houses and shops, whether they are crowded or quiet.

3. Accurate

It is essential of any newspaper journalist to be accurate in his or her reporting. They should be able to first verify the story’s major details including spelling of names, numbers and addresses. In case he or she is covering controversial news, it is advisable to ensure they talk with both parties to ensure they are not presenting another view of the issue. Great reporters never let their own opinions cloud their reporting.

4. Empathetic

A great journalist will always remember that he or she might be dealing with real people when they are at difficult situations in their lives. It is important that they are respectful of their feelings despite asking them hard questions.

5. Thick Skinned

Journalists are never a popular group. They are usually bound to offend some people almost every time whenever they report facts. It is important that a journalist remains tough to get the story even when some people make it difficult for them. They also have to be tough to deal with any type of complain that will come their way.

6. Optimistic

Exceptional journalists will always share an optimistic view of the world. This trait is helpful and essential for any serious journalist as it helps them remain motivated in the face of terrible situations. Being optimistic is also important especially when one is creating viral articles since optimistic articles will generate more shares and interests on social networks compared to negative contents

You can only be a great journalist when you try to be one. If you are dedicated and always bettering yourself, the above five character traits will help boost your moral and ensure success in your career.

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