5 People Have Been Confirmed Dead In A Deadly Plane Crash in Congo


5 people have been confirmed dead in a deadly plane crash in Congo. The victims were burnt to death today after a small passenger aircraft crashed in southern Democratic Republic of Congo near the border with Angola.


The piston-engined Antonov 2, operated by local airline Air Kasai, burst into flames, immediately after takeoff from Kamako for a flight to Tshikapa, 150 kilometres (93 miles) away.

“The plane crashed into the bush three kilometres (two miles) from Kamako. Only two people got out, the pilot and a passenger. They are unable to talk. We already know that five people have died. We will know the final toll when the company provides us with the passenger list” said Anacletus Muswa Kapinga Safia, the deputy territorial administrator.

The plane crash is known to be the second one in a month in DR Congo’s sprawling Kasai province. In the past month, a light plane chartered by the World Food Programme (WFP) had an accident on takeoff at Kamonia, leaving several people injured.

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