“5 Major Reasons Celebrity Marriages Never Last”- Dokun Olumofin


“5 Major Reasons Celebrity Marriages Never Last”- Dokun Olumofin

The lagos socialite and yoruba demon took to his page to tell celebrity couples reasons why their marriage will never last. He said:

1. Curses and Negativity from the Public ( I don’t mean to be Superstitious or shallow, but this is Africa). Parents and Old timers always advise us to hide our pregnancy, hide a prospective new job, conceal your new Fiancé especially if you are in the public glare. Many miserable people, witches, no-gooders, unfortunate souls, Wizards praying and hoping to have a celebrity life and pray for the downfall of a marriage Union due to deep envy.


2. Social Media: This is primarily the most vicious tool to end a marriage. We did not have the luxury of social media years ago, and marriages failed now that social media has become a part of the society with women showing off lavish vacations with bae. “He got me a Rolex” ” he gifted me a house” the world is watching yet again with vicious wizards, potential mistresses, prostitutes all in the dark waiting to snatch the man or woman.

3. Fame: I always tell my friends that Fame is Better than money. For example, if a Billionaire from China walks into Heathrow airport he will not attract one atom of traffic, he might even be delayed at the airport based on his unassuming persona, but if a Kim K, Justin Bieber, etc. walk into the same airport there would be a frenzy. Now our celebrities get carried away by fame and millions of sycophantic fans who brainwash them with positive gestures, gratuitous applauds, false remarks, e.g., “you are the Messiah, you are the most beautiful woman in Nigeria, Slayonce, etc. These comments get to some celebs that they get home and transform to a new human at the expense of their marriage. .

4. Media Attention: When all the relevant Media Outlet in your country is all in your business, and you can’t have a regular outing, rumours about mistresses, domestic violence, etc. You are bound to have problems in your marriage.

5. Supremacy Battle: Who is the Boss? The Celeb Wife or the Unknown Husband? Who is the captain of the ship and who calls the shots ? will the celeb wife with her 3million followers do the duty of a wife and will the man who is known as husband to Kim K, or husband to Mrs X be content with his inglorious title.

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