26-year-old mother of one found murdered after fleeing abusive boyfriend


26-year-old mother of one found murdered after fleeing abusive boyfriend

Aviwe Jam Jam who went missing is believed to have been beaten to death in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa, months after escaping her abusive boyfriend.


Her body was identified by her family on Tuesday after it was found at the Vygieskraal Stadium, Athlone, on July 29, roughly 24km from her home. Captain FC van Wyk said the post mortem still needed to be concluded.

The boyfriend was arrested last week in connection with “several other cases” and is being investigated in connection with her murder. Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, visited the family at their home.

Later, he told journalists that police had been looking for the boyfriend in connection with other cases. Aviwe’s aunt Nondumiso Zizi said her niece had told her mother that she had left for Pretoria and that she should not look for her because she was hiding from her boyfriend.

Aviwe and her boyfriend had been together for “several years” and have a 2-year-old child. “Aviwe was in an abusive relationship with this boyfriend. Aviwe’s mother tried to warn Aviwe of this, but she wouldn’t listen.

She loved her boyfriend, so there was nothing we could do about it,” Zizi said. She added that the boyfriend had come to their home looking for Aviwe and had attacked her stepfather because he thought the family was hiding Aviwe.

The boyfriend was arrested shortly after. Aviwe obtained a tourism degree from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Mbalula urged women to report abuse and assault to police as soon as possible. “Women, stand your ground because if you put up with abuse, you are putting up with death,” Mbalula warned.

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