20 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber: Number 14 Is Unbelievable


20 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber: Number 14 Is Unbelievable

Everyone remembers Justin Bieber as that sensational YouTube Child who wowed viewers with his superb musical talent. From the time Scooter Braun discovered him on YouTube and Usher signed him up, the music star has not fallen short of the expectations of his fans. He has continued to thrill them with one hit track after another. Bieber has proven that he was indeed born to do music. Besides his name and music however, there are many other details about this talented musician that you would find interesting. Here are 20 of them:

1) The singer’s full name is Justin Drew Bieber and he was born on Tuesday, March 1, 1994 at St Joseph’s Hospital
in Ontario, Canada.

2) He was single handedly raised by his mother, Patricia Mallette, who got pregnant with him at the age of 17.

3) He was discovered by American talent manager, Scooter Braun in 2008 and with Scooter’s help, Bieber got a recording contract with Raymond Braun Media and later with Island Records.


4) The YouTube video that shot the Canadian star to fame was from a talent competition that he lost in his hometown. The loss was definitely a blessing in disguise.

5) His mentor in the entertainment industry is Hollywood star, Will Smith.

6) Bieber speaks French fluently.

7) His latest album Purpose, sold 522,000 copies in its first week, earning him his sixth number-one album in the US.

8) The singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber is a former MMA fighter. Although he never married Justin’s mother, the two remain good friends and he is a part of his son’s life.

9) Justin Bieber taught himself how to play the guitar, piano, drum and trumpet. Now that’s pretty impressive!

10) He is claustrophobic.

11) The artist once arrived late to a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, because he went to see a 7-year-old girl with leukemia in the hospital.

12) He is the youngest artist to have five number-one albums in the US.

13) According to Celebrity Net Worth, Justin’s net worth is estimated at $200 million.

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