18 Year Old Boy Is In Jail . . . For Killing His Mother’s BOYFRIEND



18 Year Old Boy Is In Jail . . . For Killing His Mother’s BOYFRIEND

TERRIBLE INJUSTICE is taking place in Houston Texas, an 18 year old boy named Treveon Jones is being charged with MURDER – for defending his mom from her ABUSING husband. If convicted, the young man faces DEATH!!


Police say that Treveon’s mother was being BRUTALLY BEATEN inside a Houston parking lot by her boyfriend, 40-year-old Frederick Wallace. Police say that Frederick was beating Treveon’s mom, in front of her small children – Treveon’s two brothers.

Then, according to police, Treveon’s mom called her family for help. Shortly afterwards, Treveon and another man arrived and got the mother and her children out of Wallace’s car.

Police claim that Treveon shot and killed Frederick, with a semi-automatic rifle. Police say that Treveon fired 20 shots at the ABUSER.

Police found him slumped over the steering wheel in the car riddled with bullet holes. Authorities believe there may be a history of domestic violence between Wallace and the woman.

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Possible Wilson

This ain’t right at all, if this boy was trying to defend his mother then why is the boy being held. And for the man that was shot by whoever serves him right. Women are to be treated with care and respect and not be harsh toward them. This boy did just what i would have done if ah were to be in his position…