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Man stabbed friend to death for teasing him about the shape of his head


Man stabbed friend to death for teasing him about the shape of his head

Man stabbed friend to death for teasing him about the shape of his head

A Nigerian in North London have been sentence to 22 years in prison for stabbing his friend to death over a very trivia issue.

Uche Ejimonye who is age 20, will be spending 22 vital years of his life after stabbing Vasso Kakko to death in Holloway, North London. Vasso was stabbed in his lower back and died 35 minutes after his jugular vein and carotid artery broke.

Man stabbed friend to death for teasing him about the shape of his head

During Ejimonye’s trial he admitted stabbing the deceased but claimed it was a case of self defence.

In his defence Ejimonye said the deceased always insults and mock the shape of his head. Sounds crazy but true. Read his statement below and the Judge’s vedict.

He would always be saying ‘You don’t get money, you don’t get girls’ – degrading things.

When we were arguing he took out his phone and tried to snap my head shape.

He was trying to video my head shape and put it on Snapchat because I’ve got a ‘meat head’ according to him.

I threatened to bang him in the face if he didn’t delete the video, then he got quite angry and took out his Taser.

He threatened to Taser me with it – because I felt intimidated I got out my knife,” Ejimonye said.

Ejimonye claims that Vasso went to get his own knife and gave him a cut on his leg. The next time them met Vasso told him he (Ejimonye) violated him by pulling out his knife on him. He also threatened to kill him if it ever repeated it again.

Eyewitnesses claims there was no sign of argument or fight between both of them when Ejimonye attacked the victim.

Delivering the judgement, Judge Wendy Joseph said:

To understand how he came to die, one must go back to the last day in January 2015 when Ejimonye was the victim of a knife attack – I make it absolutely clear that no one involved in this case was anything to do with that attack.

On his own account, the defendant thereafter always walked around with a large kitchen knife and I am satisfied on his own evidence that on more than one occasion he produced that knife.

He seems to think that was all fine because it was only produced when he felt he might be in danger – I must emphasise that is absolutely not fine.

The choice of circles he mixed in put him in danger, he could have stayed away from those circles but because he wished to deal in drugs he continually went to these estates and continued to mix in these circles.’

I accept that the defendant didn’t plan to meet Vasso Kakko on that evening, but in my view he knew that in going to the area he did, for the purpose he did, there was a good chance he would come across Vasso.

It’s difficult to grasp the full impact of what happened the night Vasso died – I have no doubt that the impact is not only profound but permanent.

Not only is a boy of 17 dead and his family devastated and unable to come to terms with the loss of his young life but it must also be said how much the family of the defendant himself has been affected by all of this.

Whilst I accept that words were exchanged between you and Vasso that evening I do not find anything that happened in the square (where Vaso fell) that night offered any sort of provocation to act as you did.”

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Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Such an idiot! Serves him right!


Not a small one oh. That is why it is important to grow up in Nigeria. At least you will get to see people get teased, see them insult others and get a fair share of the insult themselves. It’s the norm. You get laughed at if you pick a fight because someone said you have big head. The judge for add head labour join the sentence

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

That’s really crazy…


lol…I was waiting for your comment sef. It is truly crazy


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