16 Untold Secrets About Lagos State, Nigeria


16 Untold Secrets About Lagos State, Nigeria

Lagos is unarguably Nigeria’s most economically prosperous state. It boast of an amazing nightlife, with a variety of night clubs, restaurants and cinemas. Lagos is so popular that almost half of the Nigerian population have visited the city at one point or another and those who haven’t done so dream of going there someday. Lagos might not be the capital of Nigeria but it is to an average Nigerian, a place “where dreams come true.”

Here are 16 fascinating things you should know about the city.

1) The state was created on May 27 1967 and has 20 Local Government Areas.

2) Before colonization, Lagos was known as Eko and the name was given to it by its first king, Oba Ado.

3) Lagos state was a major centre for slave-trade in the colonial era. When
Oba Akitoye ascended the throne in 1841, he attempted to ban slave-trading but he was dethroned and sent on exile.

4) Lagos was the capital of Nigeria from 1914 to 1991 before Abuja was made the Federal Capital Territory.


5) The state is home to West Africa’s tallest building. The NECOM house towers is about 160m above the city.

6) Up until 1996, Lagos was home to the longest bridge in Africa. Third Mainland Bridge which measures 11.8 km in length is also known as Ibrahim Babangida Bridge and it was built by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in 1990.

7) The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate to form Nigeria in 1914 took place at Tinubu Square in Lagos.

8) 80% of the goods that are brought into Nigeria come in through the port in Lagos.

9) Lagos has the highest number of millionaires in Nigeria. The state is the center of all business activities in the country.

10) Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria. Yes, you read right! It is actually small in size compared to other Nigerian states.

11) It is the 4th largest economy in Africa.

12) The oldest secondary school in Nigeria, CMS is located in Lagos state Nigeria.

13) Though it is small in size, Lagos is the most populous state in Nigeria with over 16 million residents. It is reported that about 1200 visitors come into Lagos daily.

14) Lagos is the only state in Nigeria with over 10 beaches.

15) It is the center of the Nigerian movie industry – Nollywood

16) Lagos is a Portuguese word that means lakes.

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Lagos is a very big city well built and constructed with all the amenities that always attract big people for easy and relax settling.