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15 years ban lifted. Burna boy now enters the UK


15 years ban lifted. Burna boy now enters the UK

15 years ban lifted. Burna boy now enters the UK

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Controversy dance hall star Burna boy have been in the news for a while now and this is because of his relationship with Uju Stella. This time he is not in the news over a baby mama drama but for some good news. His 15-year ban from entering the UK have been lifted after 5 years. The dance hall star will be entering England tonight.
Burna boy was arrested in 2010 while in he UK for being part of a gang and for allegedly stabbing someone to death. The judge considered him as a minor and he trialed that way. Burna boy was jailed for 11months and was given 2 months parole which includes community service on the grounds of good behaviour. During his parole he returned to Nigeria without approval and signed with Aristocrat Records. Burna boy later returned to the UK but was deported to Nigeria and barred from entering the UK for 15 years.

Following this developing fans of the artist can now see their star live in concerts around the UK. His mum and manager late last year hinted that the ban will be lifted and her star son will be on tour in the UK soon. In her word when asked about her son’s ban, ‘I’m not saying anything about any ban, what I’m saying is that he’s doing a tour of UK in the second half of next year; talking about a ban is not my brief. What we do know is that Burna Boy is doing a UK tour next year. This will be his first concert in UK as Burna Boy’.


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Anthony Dugbo
Anthony Dugbo

Very unrepentant! Congrats though.

Possible Wilson
Possible Wilson

This damn motherfucker still needs some home training ah guess. Kudos though…


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