11-Year-Old Boy Dies Playing ‘Choking Game’


11-Year-Old Boy Dies Playing 'Choking Game'11-Year-Old Boy Dies Playing ‘Choking Game’

A South Carolina kid who just began the 6th grade has kicked the bucket while playing the “choking game,” a tragic fad responsible for the deaths of other youngsters over the years, according to reports..

Eleven-year-old Garrett Pope Jr. of Indian Land, was discovered dead in his room Wednesday subsequent to playing the game, which causes kids to leave out and wake behind with an euphoric surge.

“He took this terrible ‘game’ too far,” the boy’s grief-stricken father said on Facebook Friday.

Garrett Pope Sr. asked different guardians to do whatever they can do to keep a comparative disaster.


Stacy Pope told the Rocky Hill Herald her child was “the best.” She told the paper a late spring football mentor enlightened her regarding the amusement. She said she specified it to her child who didn’t know anything about it.

“I should have pushed it further,” she told the paper. “If you talk to your kids and they said they don’t know about it, don’t stop there. You educate them on what it is, it’s not a game and it can kill you.”

The nearby coroner said Garrett’s demise was due to accidental asphyxiation (unplanned suffocation), the paper reported. His memorial service is Tuesday.

In 2008 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control of Disease issued a report that found that 82 children from 6 to 19 had choked themselves to death with dog leashes, bungee cords, scarves  and belts while playing the choking game from 1995 to 2007.

All but a few were boys, at an average age of about 13, the CDC found.

The Lancaster News reported that school administrators would examine Garrett’s passing.

“We have been made aware of these parents’ concerns and will investigate this to take every step possible to address their concerns in an effort to protect all of our children,” Lancaster County School District spokesman David Knight told the paper.

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