11 Lessons we should never forget from Tonto Dikeh Marriage mess


11 Lessons we should never forget from Tonto Dikeh Marriage mess

From adultery to fraud, battery to verbal torments, violently lost pregnancies to financial deprivation and humiliation, the saga is awash with lessons for all.

See the 11 Life Lessons we should never forget, according to Encomium:

1. Date and marry your type or someone that can improve your life. Someone deep and grounded and legitimate.

2. You can always walk away from a destructive relationship because the signs are always there. Long before the union is solemnised, you can tell a partner who will destroy property, beat you black and blue or philander.


3. Never snatch anyone’s partner, events have a way of repaying us in our own coin. By jeopardising the peace in a union, you also compromise your own future of an enduring matrimony.

4. Take time to investigate, yes investigate, your partner. And never rush into marriage. Momentary advantages would easily disappear as tomorrow rolls in.

5. Always fight fair and square, never embellish events because the truth is never hidden. State the truth and never colour scenarios to your advantage. Witnesses can come up anytime.

6. Keep your union, everything about your relationship, away from the public on social media. We don’t really care. Whatever enjoyment you are rolling in is not our business.

7. Never hit your partner. Avoid the predicament of Lekan Shonde and Akolade Arowolo. You can never tell what the abuse would lead to.

8. You can always walk away before you are deaf in one ear and left with broken ribs.

9. Time heals most wounds, so don’t destroy the future of your children by burning bridges. It is the end of your relationship, and has nothing to do with your children.

10. Beauty and a comfortable future are only parts of the equation. There is always someone more beautiful and richer. There are reversal of fortunes and a future full of riches. Nothing is permanent.

11. The future is always full of promises. This is just a chapter, or at most a volume, of your life. There are many more chapters and volumes you can plan painstakingly and work on conscientiously.

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